unzAttach/unzDetach function pair, to make unzip still more flexible. This will break no existing code.

ioapi (zlib_filefunc_def) makes it possible to decompress zipfiles stored in memory.
Such a file, a memory-file, is by definition always open - if you have a memory-file then you also have a pointer to it. It's open.
To unzip the memory-file, you'll need to call unzOpen2, with a filename argument (const char*). What filename?!
You probably have a pointer ready, a 'handle', not a char pointer! You'd probably prefer to just 'attach' the memory using unzAttach.

I'm providing two implementations of unzAttach/unzDetach:
1. Clean but intrusive implementation inside unzip.c: Very few extra lines of code, overhead of one extra function call when calling unzOpen2. See code below.
2. Messy implementation outside unzip.c, using zlib_filefunc_def. Much overhead. (contrib/unzipx.c)

TRK 19/5 2004

Clean but intrusive implementation inside unzip.c.
unzFile ZEXPORT unzOpen2 (path, pzlib_filefunc_def)

    const char *path;
    zlib_filefunc_def* pzlib_filefunc_def;
   voidpf stream;
   unzFile unz = NULL;
   zlib_filefunc_def z_filefunc;
   if (pzlib_filefunc_def == NULL)
        z_filefunc = *pzlib_filefunc_def;
   stream= (*z_filefunc.zopen_file)(z_filefunc.opaque,
                                    ZLIB_FILEFUNC_MODE_READ |
   if (stream)
      unz = unzAttach (stream, &z_filefunc);
      if (unz == NULL)
         ZCLOSE(z_filefunc, stream); /* balance */
   return unz;

unzFile ZEXPORT unzAttach (stream, pzlib_filefunc_def)
    voidpf stream;
    zlib_filefunc_def* pzlib_filefunc_def;
   /* implementation is just like today's unzOpen2, except
zopen_file/ZCLOSE is removed */